9 common underwear mistakes women make and how to avoid them

Buying underwear and finding the right bra takes time. You are always in a dilemma between comfort and beauty.What is the deciding factor when buying underwear?

Here are the most common mistakes all women make when buying underwear, whether it’s panties or a bra.

1_ Underwear that fits your body type To be honest, I know underwear that doesn’t fit me, and I shouldn’t wear it even if I want to. Why do you create beautiful things? A pear-shaped person should wear lace shorts in her pants, and a curvy woman should wear high-rise underwear.

2_Underwear fabric Never wear tight lace underwear such as cotton or lycra. Also, don’t wear it with silk. It creates and destroys the sleek, elegant look you’re aiming for.

3_ bra size The myth of wearing a smaller bra to make your cleavage look bigger is ridiculous. First, it indicates that you are wearing something that is too small for you. There is. If you want bigger breasts, invest in push-ups.

4_Shapewear We have the same advice for buying shapewear that fits.Never buy shapewear that is too tight. Especially when you’re sitting because it looks ridiculous and exposes extra skin.Don’t talk about the discomfort you feel during the day and the unhealthy effects tight materials have on your body and health. Poor posture, itching, decreased blood flow, etc.

5_The color of your underwear should match the color of your blouse, skirt, and pants. Unless you want to wear a red bra under a bold black crochet blouse for added effect, for everyday occasions follow this advice.

6_ Around the house Don’t wear the same bra as outside. Also, never wear a bra! If just wearing a blouse or shirt makes you feel naked, wear a sports bra instead to relieve chest and back pain.

7_ Underwear should contain at least 20% elastin. 100% cotton materials are the healthiest and most comfortable to wear, but they don’t last as long because they lack elastin. These clothes are torn quickly.

8_Matching bra and pants You might think it’s a “special rule”, but I always wear matching underwear. Otherwise, you will wait for even darker or whiter clothes. Daily underwear should be so-called “sleeping bread”. Don’t wear too much silk or lace as it’s not good for your skin.

9_ Favorite panties Thongs have proven to be the most desirable panties for both men and women, but they should not be worn on a daily basis as they can have a negative impact on the vaginal flora.

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