The cost of studying in America for international students

Many international students are looking for information about the cost of studying in America, given that America is one of the countries that is famous for its high tuition fees compared to other study destinations. But if you decide to study in America, you must base your decision on accurate and more realistic information. Therefore, we offer you a detailed guide on the cost of study programs for different majors in the best American universities.

What does the tuition fee cover in America?

Tuition fees in the United States are not standardized, and are set separately by universities and colleges. Therefore, there is a difference in the coverage of tuition fees in each university, but in general, tuition fees cover the following:

  • Lectures, seminars and lessons
  • Access to university resources, such as: libraries and computer rooms
  • Access to facilities and equipment related to the study program such as: laboratories and studios

However, tuition fees do not cover student necessities (such as textbooks or stationery) or living expenses (such as rent, travel, or bills).

How do you understand the cost of studying in America?
When calculating the cost of studying in America, there are many things that you must take into account because costs can vary greatly based on:

1- University ranking

Tuition fees vary greatly for different universities. Universities with a high rating in the QS World University Rankings and The Times World University Rankings will certainly be more expensive than others.

2- The type of university, whether public or private

Certainly, the cost of studying in America in public universities will be cheaper than private universities. So you need to keep in mind your choice of type of university.

You can also get an associate degree instead of a bachelor’s degree if your budget is limited. It is a recognized qualification and can be considered as the first half of an undergraduate degree if you choose to transfer to another university later on.

3- Geographical location

Tuition fees in East Coast states are usually more expensive than in states on the West Coast. Also, the internal states are cheaper and less expensive compared to others.

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4- Type of educational qualification

Tuition fees for postgraduate degrees are often more expensive per year than tuition fees at the undergraduate (bachelor) level.

5- Type of study program

Scientific degrees are also known to be more expensive than literary degrees such as arts or humanities programs. Medical and veterinary sciences are usually much more expensive than other types of degrees.

6- Duration of the study programme

Don’t forget to consider the duration of your course. Since tuition fees are not usually charged as a one-time payment, the longer the course, the higher the cost. Bachelor’s degrees in America usually take four years to complete.

7- Teaching method

Some courses offer a distance learning option, which is often cheaper than traditional study options. As well as at the postgraduate level, where study programs based on research are cheaper than those that are based on theoretical study only.

8- The number of years of study

If the study program is offered in a year whether it is a foundation year or a postgraduate training year, the tuition fees for this year may differ from other years.

What is the cost of studying in America for an undergraduate undergraduate degree?
Tuition costs in American universities at the undergraduate level range from $18,000 to $62,000 annually.

And it seems that there is a big gap between the prices, because they vary greatly according to the study program and the semester? So a general comparison without details would be nearly impossible.

That is why we present to you in this table the approximate tuition fees in the top 5 American universities, in order to help you get to know the average costs more closely, based on the type of university or your study program.

These tuition fees are according to the academic year 2022/2023.

Yale University
Yale University: 62,250
American dollar

University of Pennsylvania: 56,212
American dollar

New York University: 56,500
American dollar

UCLA: 44,830
American dollar

Michigan University – Ann Arbor: 53,232 – 62,062
American dollar

How much are postgraduate tuition fees in America?
Tuition fees for postgraduate studies in American universities range from 6,000 to 11,0000 USD annually. As in the undergraduate level, there are many variable factors on which tuition fees change, including the type of study program, semesters, and the division of semesters into quarters and others into years.

So the exact selection can be a bit tricky. However, we have tried to make it easier for you through the following table to give a clearer picture of the costs.

Fees depend on the type of postgraduate study programme. These fees are based on the academic year 2022/2023.

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